About us

MOB-AC was established to eliminate the "One size fits all" ideology. We believe that everyone has the right to choice, personalisation and self-expression. Think of us as a movement that is rebelling against the mediocrity of manufacturers to offer extremely limited scope of choice. 

We've started our mission targeting the Smartphones industry. You ask why we chose this? Well, Smartphones have become a significant part of our lives and yet we're told to buy what the manufacturer produces!

Why is that the Smartphones are offered in just a handful of materials? Why only 2 or 3 colours? When you can customise the wallpaper of your smartphone, then why not the way your phone's back grips your hand? 

To challenge this mindset optimised for manufacturing, we set out to establish MOB-AC, with the belief of providing personalisation to each and every smartphone user. 

Do check out our products or reach out to us on Social Media for a quick chat on our journey :)